PGS concludes Viking Graben extension project

PGS has completed the second GeoStreamer X seismic survey in the Viking Graben.


The GeoStreamer X Viking Graben 2020 extension project once again applied PGS’s latest technology innovations for advanced offset-and azimuth-rich data.

The project builds on the 2019 GeoStreamer X pilot project in the same area.

Gunhild Myhr, VP New Ventures at PGS, stated:

“The Ramform Vanguard managed its dense streamer spread in combination with record-wide sources, acquiring a survey that will deliver a dataset of excellent quality, with high resolution, optimal near-offset distribution for shallow imaging, improved demultiple, and AVO.

“The Norwegian exploration industry needs improved data quality in this area, to address a number of challenges.

“PGS has addressed this with a novel and efficient multi-azimuth towed-streamer solution and bespoke imaging workflow.”

GeoStreamer X solves known illumination challenges on the Viking Graben associated with sand injectites, such as injectites cemented with anomalously high velocities (so-called ‘v-brights’), and injectites with reservoir potential that definitely require better illumination.

This year’s Viking Graben survey achieved the ultra-near offsets with the wide-tow sources yet, also achieving a record of 250 metres between outer sources.

This efficient solution is also the widest ever towed from a single vessel.

The dense streamer spread included several long streamer tails that will provide the needed offset for optimal FWI at depth.

Early-out data will be ready in Q4 and final depth imaging data will be available Q2 2021.