Photo: Ramform Vanguard; Source: PGS

PGS kicks off Viking Graben extension project

PGS seismic vessel Ramform Vanguard has begun a new multi-azimuth marine seismic survey in the North Sea.

This industry-funded project further extends the GeoStreamer X area within the Viking Graben by 1160 square kilometres.

Norwegian seismic player said the first data is due in the third quarter 2020.

The GeoStreamer X Viking Graben 2020 extension project will again combine three acquisition directions with PGS’ latest technology.

It also builds on the 2019 GeoStreamer X pilot project in the same area.

Gunhild Myhr, VP New Ventures at PGS, said:

“Our GeoStreamer X Viking Graben pilot clearly demonstrated the positive project economics and the illumination uplift that can be achieved with multi-azimuth GeoStreamer data on NCS.

“That is why, even in these difficult times, the market is willing to support an extension of the GeoStreamer X coverage area.”

The Ramform Vanguard will tow 14 streamers, including two 10 km-long tails to offset FWI, and a wide-tow multisource.

This configuration will deliver close to zero offsets, for optimal near-offset sampling and shallow imaging.

In addition, the setup provides dense spatial sampling for high-resolution imaging and also improved illumination

Furthermore, PGS says it offers a efficiency gain and reduced environmental footprint compared to node-based exploration.