PGS optimizing vessel speed with Cognite

PGS and Cognite have systemized data to increase PGS vessel speed without jeopardizing the seismic acquisition operation or the vessel integrity.

PGS is using Cognite’s Industrial DataOps to give seismic vessel operators an overview of the factors determining a vessel’s optimal operating speed.

The solution is said to cut production time for PGS’ current fleet by more than 15 days, save the company more than $2 million a year and reduce manual reporting by approximately one month.

Through its vessel digitalization initiative, PGS aims to increase operational efficiency by using and combining available data.

The company stated it had seen an opportunity to combine the factors that influence a vessel’s optimal operating speed into a single easily accessible tool which would provide transparency and the ability to identify which factors have the largest impact on the production speed.

PGS and Cognite worked together to streamline data ingestion pipelines between Cognite Data Fusion and the systems containing data relevant to calculate the optimal speed of seismic vessels.

Using the Cognite Power BI connector and self-service training provided by Cognite Academy, PGS developed Power BI reports combining vessel sensor and operational data. The dashboards are used in onshore project planning.

“PGS vessel crews have for years been monitoring and pushing production speed upwards,” PGS stated. “With the vessel dashboard in place, the crews’ job has become easier, removing parts of the manual process and supporting decision-making. The input data for further analysis has also improved in consistency.”

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