PGS secures 3D survey work offshore Egypt

Norwegian seismic player PGS has been awarded a high-fidelity 3D exploration survey by a supermajor offshore Egypt.

Photo of Ramform Tethys vessel (Courtesy of PGS)
The Ramform Tethys vessel (Courtesy of PGS)

The survey will be acquired using an Extended Long Offset (ELO) configuration with Ramform Tethys vessel towing a wide multi-sensor GeoStreamer spread with an additional source vessel located several kilometers ahead.

This is expected to enable efficient recording of offsets up to 16 kilometers critical for imaging deeper complex exploration targets. The source vessel will be towing a specially designed low frequency source, according to PGS.

“We are very pleased to be awarded this contract, which secures PGS vessels to operate in Egyptian waters until May 2021, building on an extended campaign for several super majors since July 2020,” said Nathan Oliver, EVP Sales & Services of PGS.

The innovative ELO survey design combines optimal spatial sampling for better subsurface imaging together with long offset acquisition for accurate velocity model building.