Phase 2 of Keraudren Extension 3D seismic survey begins

Shearwater Geoservices’ Geo Coral has commenced the Keraudren Extension Phase II (KE2) 3D seismic survey in the Bedout Basin offshore Australia.

Carnarvon Energy
Phase 2 of Keraudren Extension 3D seismic survey begins
Source: Carnarvon Energy

KE2 will cover approximately 650 km² and will fill in the northern area of the Keraudren Extension Survey, which was initially acquired in mid-2021, according to Carnarvon Energy.

Phase two aims to complete the Keraudren Extension survey and close the 3D seismic data gap between the KE1 and the Zeester 3D seismic survey.

The data will be obtained with the same parameters and equipment as KE1 and included in the current Full Integrity seismic data processing.

Once completed, WA-436-P will be 97% covered by 3D seismic data and will allow the derisking and identification of prospects in the eastern petroleum play fairway.

After phase two is completed, the full 3,260 km² of the Keraudren Extension survey that straddles the southern half of WA-436-P and a northern slice of WA-438-P will have been obtained.

According to Carnarvon, the Keraudren Extension survey covers a large group of relatively shallow structural and stratigraphic leads in the eastern play fairway of the Bedout basin. This region is one of the few areas not previously covered by 3D seismic data.

The survey is set to allow Carnarvon and its partner Santos to better assess the geological risks, improve the volume estimates of this part of the portfolio, and identify a greater number of prospects and leads.

“I am pleased the acquisition of the Keraudren Extension seismic survey will be undertaken this quarter because the 3D data covers a particularly attractive area of the Bedout basin,” said Carnarvon managing director and CEO, Adrian Cook.

“The Bedout permits remain one of Carnarvon’s core assets, and the four blocks cover a substantial footprint in the most prolific part of the basin. The new 3D seismic data is expected to enable us to better understand the eastern extent of the Triassic play system proved successful in the Dorado field. The objective will be to identify and delineate future drill targets, that will follow the Apus-1 and Pavo-1 wells that will commence shortly.”

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