Philippines gives blessing to utility scale tidal energy project

Illustration (Photo: Pixabay/Creative Commons CC0)

Oceantera Energy Corporation – a joint venture between OceanPixel and Aquatera – has received a permit from the government of Philippines to start pre-development activities for a tidal energy project in San Bernardino region.

The approval, granted by the Philippine Department of Energy, gives Oceantera rights to start activities associated with the pre-development of a utility scale tidal energy project within a 2,600 hectare site in the San Bernardino region of the Philippines.

Illustration (Photo: Pixabay/Creative Commons CC0)

The scheme, named Northwest Capul Energy Project, is one of the first utility scale tidal energy prospects currently under development in South East Asia.

“By working with key stakeholders, the regional and international supply chain and local communities, we hope that we can contribute to the global effort in combating the effects of climate change and to provide remote and island communities in South East Asia with clean, affordable and reliable power and other essential services.

“Through responsible, sustainable development, Oceantera aims to stimulate economic growth, increase energy security, international collaboration, local capacity building and employment opportunities in South East Asia,” said Ian Hutchison, Oceantera’s Managing Director.

The Northwest Capul Energy Project is part of a diverse portfolio of renewable energy prospects currently being developed by Oceantera across the region which includes a number of community-scale off-grid developments using a range of offshore renewable energy solutions including, wave and tidal energy, floating wind and floating solar systems.

Oceantera added it is also exploring a number of other large utility scale renewable energy developments aimed at supplying electricity to main electricity grids.