Planning set to begin for marine test site off Sweden

Illustration/Seabased’s wave energy devices ahead of deployment off Sweden (Photo: Ocean Energy Sweden)

Ocean Energy Sweden has informed that the planning for the Skagerrak test site for marine and maritime innovation will begin during the meeting of the project group scheduled for this week.

The goal of the current project is to identify and analyze the need for infrastructure, permits and cooperation with other test sites around Europe but also to have concrete discussions with companies and researchers regarding possible test and demonstration projects, according to Ocean Energy Sweden.

The development of the site was supported with the funding from the Swedish Innovation Agency Vinnova due to the need to provide a test and demonstration site for technical systems at appropriate scale, especially when it comes to small-scale prototypes.

Ocean Energy Sweden said the testing of ocean energy-related systems is already being conducted off the country’s west coast, offshore Bohuslän province.

However, a greater coordination of current resources and improved planning around Lysekil and Orust should make future test and demonstration easier and more effective for companies and researchers alike, said Sweden’s agency that brings together ocean energy product and systems developers, Ocean Energy Sweden.

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