Planys Technologies Introduces Its New ROV

IIT Madras alumni and faculty-founded designer and manufacturer of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and provider of underwater robotic inspection and survey services, Planys Technologies, has launched its second ROV.

Named Beluga, the ROV has, reportedly, more than double the thrust capacity compared to the Planys’ previous systems, with ability to reach 200 meter depth and go to speeds of up to four knots.

The new system is capable of performing visual surveys, ultrasonic thickness measurements, spot bio-fouling cleaning, cathodic potential measurements and various acoustic surveys, such as side-scan survey for seabed mapping, bathymetry and environmental surveys.

Tanuj Jhunjhunwala, co-founder and CEO, Planys Technologies, was quoted saying: “Planys seeks to disrupt the way underwater inspections are performed in India and the neighborhood. ROV Beluga is a strong example of our intent, powerful and with features unmatched for its segment, yet compact and portable.”

“Beluga has been specifically designed for the oil and gas and shipping sector, but the platform is versatile to benefit numerous allied sectors. Though this is an important milestone, Beluga is one among the many products in the pipeline.” 

According to reports, Beluga should be available for services from January 2017.