Plug Power plans three green hydrogen production plants in Finland

Plug Power Inc., a provider of turnkey hydrogen solutions for the global green hydrogen economy, has revealed plans to develop three green hydrogen production plants in Finland, resulting in the production of 850 tonnes per day (TPD) of green hydrogen, or 2.2 gigawatts (GW) of electrolyser capacity, by the end of the decade with final investment decision (FID) by 2025/2026.

Courtesy of Plug Power

Plug said that by using its PEM electrolyser and liquefaction technology, the green hydrogen produced at these sites will support the production of ammonia and green direct reduced iron (DRI), reduce dependence on fossil fuels and materially support the decarbonisation of Europe.

In regard to the project, Plug noted it has initiated discussions with large financial investors and debt providers, adding that it expects the capital structure to include a majority of non-recourse debt, similar to other renewable asset financing.

Three Finnish municipalities will be involved in the project, Plug informed:

  • Kokkola: This site is expected to generate 85 TPD of liquid green hydrogen, and up to 700 kt of green ammonia per year, using 1 GW of electrolysers. The liquid green hydrogen will be produced for local use and for export to Western Europe from the Port of Kokkola. Green ammonia will also be exported through the same port.
  • Kristinestad: The 1 GW electrolyser plant located close to a former coal plant will generate green hydrogen for green steel production (2.0 mt/y of DRI/HBI produced) exported from the port of Kristinestad.
  • Porvoo: This site will produce up to 100 TPD by 2030. The hydrogen will be used for local mobility and exported through pipeline injection to Western Europe.

For the development of the ammonia plant, Plug said it is partnering with Hy2Gen, the project developer of renewable hydrogen, ammonia and hydrogen-based e-fuels, adding the two will extend their collaboration on the development of hydrogen derivatives (e-fuels, methanol and ammonia) on other projects in the region.

For the development of the DRI/HBI plant, Plug noted it is partnering with GravitHy, an industrial company dedicated to decarbonising the steel value chain and in which Plug was a founding partner alongside other large corporations.

Andy Marsh, CEO of Plug stated: “Plug is accelerating its commitment to Europe at an unprecedented scale with these three planned historic industrial sector projects collaborating with both financial and industrial partners. We are proud to commit our know-how and turnkey hydrogen solutions towards helping Finland deliver on its vision to become a European leader of the green hydrogen economy.”

Finland’s Minister of Economic Affairs Mika Lintilä commented: ”I am very pleased to see Plug has identified Finland as the right place for their investments. We have ambitious goals in the hydrogen economy, so investments like this are exactly what we need. This is a big part of the future of Finnish industrial policy.”

In addition to the hydrogen production plans, Plug revealed it has executed Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with Fingrid, Finland’s electricity transmission system operator, and Gasgrid, Finland’s natural gas transmission system operator, to ensure electric grid capacities and development of hydrogen infrastructures.

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