PNOC Renewables gets on board Philippines tidal project

PNOC Renewables Corporation (PNOC RC) has partnered up with H&WB Asia Pacific to develop tidal energy projects in the Philippines that will feature Sabella’s tidal technology.

The fully-owned subsidiary of state-owned Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC), PNOC RC, signed a memorandum of understanding with Philippines-based energy player H&WB to develop projects in H&WB’s three lease areas, mainly in San Bernardino Strait, off Philippines.

H&WB has in 2015 established a partnership with French tidal energy developer Sabella under which it was agreed that the in-stream tidal energy technology for the projects will be provided by the French developer.

Sabella and H&WB have recently completed a detailed in situ bathymetry measurement before moving towards a full 3D current numerical model in order to determine the location of the first demonstration project, which will consist of three to five turbines, according to H&WB.

The companies plan to launch a special purpose company in the first half of 2017 to drive forward the project developments in terms of financing, and engineering works.

“PNOC RC’s role is vital, and the MOU with H&WB and SABELLA is a pro-active strategy that can support the project’s success, more so, when PNOC RC decides to invest into the SPC. With PNOC RC, the promise of a new field of ocean energies can be realized in the Philippines,” stated H&WB.

Back in 2015, Sabella said that the tidal turbines planned to be used for Philippines’ projects are D15 tidal turbines. The turbines are 15 meters in diameter and have the maximum power output of 2MW.