Polarcus Asima, Company’s Most sophisticated 3D Seismic Vessel yet

Polarcus Limited held the naming ceremony for the Company’s third and most sophisticated 3D seismic vessel yet, POLARCUS ASIMA. The ceremony was held at the Drydocks World – Dubai shipyard in the United Arab Emirates and was attended by over 200 local and international guests.

POLARCUS ASIMA is a purpose-built 12 streamer 3D seismic vessel of the latest ULSTEIN SX134 design and the largest vessel in the Company’s fleet with an overall length of 92m and a beam of 21m. POLARCUS ASIMA is also the first true Arctic-ready 3D seismic vessel in the industry with an ICE-1A class notation from DNV, double hull and an advanced ballast water treatment system that eliminates the risk of introducing invasive species into fragile ecosystems such as those found in the Arctic. The vessel has a maximum speed of 15 knots and is capable of deploying 12 streamers of 9,000m length at 100m separation.

The name Asima is derived from the Arabic female name meaning ‘protector’ to reflect the vessels low environmental footprint and associated advanced features designed to safeguard the environment in the harshest of operating conditions.

Rolf Ronningen, CEO Polarcus, expressed in his welcome speech Polarcus’ gratitude to the shipyard and to all involved in the project, before commenting: “We are proud to introduce the world’s first true Arctic-ready 12 streamer seismic vessel to the industry. Her advanced hull design and incorporated maritime technologies will ensure that POLARCUS ASIMA will be one of the safest and cleanest seismic vessels in the industry for years to come, whether operating in the harsh Arctic environment where her high ice class will be critical for her safe operation, or the environmentally sensitive sea areas of Australia and Brazil where her sophisticated environmental features will come into their own.”

Mrs. Mary Taylor, wife of Polarcus Board Member and Drydocks World-Dubai CEO Geoff Taylor, delivered the blessing and assumed the role of Godmother to POLARCUS ASIMA.


Source: Polarcus,April 16, 2010;Image:.Polarcus