Port Authority Promotes Gibraltar Port as Major Maritime Hub


As part of the Minister for Tourism, Commercial Affairs, Public Transport and the Port’s initiatives to ensure that the shipping and maritime sector thrives, the Gibraltar Port Authority and the Gibraltar Maritime Administration continue to develop their ambitious marketing strategy to promote the Gibraltar Port as a major maritime services hub in the shipping world, along with the Ship and Yacht Registry and ancillary services.

Under the direction of the Hon Neil Costa MP, Captain Roy Stanbrook of the Gibraltar Port Authority and Richard Montado of the Gibraltar Maritime Administration recently attended the London International Shipping Week and participated in a series of seminars and lectures concerning a multitude of aspects related to the shipping and maritime sectors. There was also discussion as to how London supports the role and commercial activities of its port and interfaces with it.

Mr Stanbrook also had valuable face-to-face meetings with several shipping professionals including renowned international bunkering operators and specialised lawyers in the field of maritime and shipping consultancy. Separate to this, the Gibraltar Maritime Administration has also been involved in a series of meetings with Yacht Brokers in the UK.

In November 2013, Captain Stanbrook will be travelling to Hong Kong to attend the prestigious International Bunker Industry Association meeting in the former British colony and while in the Far East will be calling on ship-owners in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Features on the Port of Gibraltar will be published over the next weeks and months in some of the leading international shipping and bunkering magazines.

Minister for Tourism, Commercial Affairs, Public Transport and the Port, Neil Costa MP, has ensured that the Government’s international marketing drive is vigorously pursued by the Gibraltar Port Authority and the Gibraltar Maritime Administration. He said the efforts undertaken by Captain Roy Stanbrook and by Richard Montado have enhanced the Port’s reputation as a leading maritime centre for the international shipping community in the western Mediterranean.

Mr Costa said: “The Gibraltar Government is extremely pleased and wish to thank Captain Stanbrook and Richard Montado, for their sterling work to promote the valuable and professional services the Gibraltar Port and GMA have to offer. We look forward to further expansion and growth of the Rock’s shipping industry in the years to come and its consolidation as a key area of the local economy.”


Gibraltar Port, October 4, 2013