Port of Rotterdam, STC Inernational roll out energy transition management program

The Port of Rotterdam Authority and STC International have joined forces to organize the Port Energy Transition Management Program which will focus on the Port of Rotterdam’s energy transition pathway.

Ports play an important role in the energy transition. From production to storage; the entire energy infrastructure needs to be reviewed. Rotterdam produces and imports 13 per cent of European energy demand.

ThePport of Rotterdam, therefore, plays one of the key roles in the European energy transition.

“The port of Rotterdam works with the entire ecosystem to accelerate the energy transition and is an example of a future sustainable energy hub. The Port Energy Transition Management Programme offers a unique opportunity to use this knowledge and experience,” Nico van Dooren, Director of New Business Development & Portfolio from the Port of Rotterdam Authority, stated.

The Port Energy Transition Program will be organised from 20 until 23 March 2023. During this training course, port professionals will gain the latest energy transition insights as well as an understanding of the role that ports play in this. The course forms part of various training programs being organised by the port and its partners.

Last month, the port launched  ‘Switch to Zero’ campaign to promote the usage of sustainable fuels and encourage the industry to make a concrete contribution to reducing carbon emissions.

For this purpose, the port authority has joined forces with GoodShipping, which empowers corporations to decarbonise ocean freight and accelerate sustainable shipping. The partners are now conducting a joint campaign to inform companies of this concept so they can have part, or all of their sea freight transported via sustainable fuel.

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