PortsToronto renews green energy commitment

Canadian port authority PortsToronto has renewed its agreement with domestic green energy provider Bullfrog Power Canada to power all of its operations with green energy.


The new agreement runs until 31 July 2026. Since 2010, PortsToronto has reduced its environmental footprint by choosing 100 per cent green energy to power all of its operations with clean, renewable electricity – the only port authority and airport in Canada to do so.

Through PortsToronto’s agreement with Bullfrog Power, generators inject renewable electricity back into the grid on its behalf, matching the amount of electricity used by PortsToronto’s operations.

Among PortsToronto sustainability achievements in recent years is the conversion of the Marilyn Bell I ferry at Billy Bishop Airport – the first completely electric, lithium-ion ferry in Canada.

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The zero-emission vessel, along with all operations at the airport, is powered by 100 per cent renewable wind and solar energy through the port authority’s partnership with Bullfrog Power.

By choosing green electricity and making significant investments in order to reduce its direct emissions, PortsToronto said it is modelling sustainable business practices and helping to shape a better, cleaner future for wildlife and the people that live, work and play along Toronto’s shores and beyond.

“PortsToronto’s partnership with Bullfrog Power has kept Scope 2 emissions for Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, the marine Port of Toronto and the Outer Harbour Marina at zero for more than a decade,” Chris Sawicki, PortsToronto Vice President of Infrastructure, Planning and Environment, said.

“We are proud to be among the largest green energy purchasers in the country and part of a growing movement to help Canada transition to a low-carbon energy grid.”

“PortsToronto continues to be among the largest green energy purchasers in the country by Bullfrog powering all of their facilities and operations, including the airport’s 853-foot pedestrian tunnel, connecting buildings, and the newly retrofitted Marilyn Bell I ferry. Congratulations to PortsToronto on reducing their carbon footprint by 29,000 tonnes,” Suha Jethalal, President, Bullfrog Power, commented.