Protean demo wave farm cleared for April deployment

Protean Wave Energy, a Perth-based wave energy developer, plans to begin the wave energy demonstration farm deployment off Bunbury, Western Australia, next month.

Under the terms agreed with the Southern Ports Authority (SPA), Protean will deploy 30 Protean wave energy converter buoys at the Port of Bunbury.

The demonstration wave farm will be deployed from April 2016 for a trial period of up to 6 months, the company informed.

Data collected during the trial period will support the pre-feasibility assessment of a commercial pilot wave farm planned for the Island of Hanimaadhoo in the Maldives.

The Protean WEC converts the energy of waves from all six degrees of wave movement.

It works when waves moving past the buoy cause the buoy to move in a circular manner. As the buoy moves, the counterweights also move, continuously lengthening and shortening mooring cables, which cause the pulleys to rotate.

As the pulleys rotate, shaft power is created and using electric, hydraulic or water pump – the wave energy is converted into a usable form.

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