Lir NOTF facility (Courtesy of ProtoAtlantic project)

ProtoAtlantic picks three offshore renewable energy startups for test support

The ProtoAtlantic project has selected three companies to test their technologies at Lir-National Ocean Test Facility (Lir NOTF) as part of the program designed to support offshore renewable energy startups across the Atlantic Area.

Lir NOTF facility (Courtesy of ProtoAtlantic project)
Lir NOTF facility (Courtesy of ProtoAtlantic project)
Lir NOTF facility (Courtesy of ProtoAtlantic project)

The Lir NOTF is Ireland’s primary facility for testing and development of offshore technologies, with a long track record in supporting offshore renewable energy (ORE), marine robotics, and marine biotechnology technologies through early stage TRL development.

ProtoAtlantic and Lir NOTF teamed up to offer a Customized Scale Start-Ups Support Program which will provide free access to the facilities of Lir-NOTF for marine technology developers across the Atlantic Area.

As part of the program, a call for test support was launched back in November 2022, which resulted in three companies being selected to participate in the program.

These include Dublin Offshore, which offers a wide range of technical services across product development, project delivery and engineering advisory, with a particular focus on the fixed and floating offshore wind sector.

The second company supported in the program is Rockall Solutions, which pulls together the skills and experience of those who worked for Aquamarine Power and its partners in the development of the Oyster wave energy converter.

Together, Rockall Solutions has over 30 years of experience in the wave energy sector, providing a wide range of skills and expertise which can be used to assist developers to optimize and progress their wave energy converter concepts towards commercial deployment.

The final company selected for test support is TFI Marine, which develops offshore mooring solutions for floating offshore wind and aquaculture industries.

The three successful companies will now work with staff in Lir NOTF and UCC to arrange the specifics of their access to the facility and ensure that testing is completed by May 2023, prior to the conclusion of the ProtoAtlantic project.

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