Quayside integration of Subhub platform with Tocardo tidal turbines (Courtesy of QED Naval)

QED Naval presents its ‘tidal town’ vision to Anglesey officials

Scottish company QED Naval has ‘constructive discussions’ with MP of Anglesey Virginia Crosbie, taking the opportunity to outline its plans for the development of 4.5MW tidal energy project off Holy Island, along with associated operations.

Quayside integration of Subhub platform with Tocardo tidal turbines (Courtesy of QED Naval)

A strong advocate for decarbonization, Crosbie believes that tidal energy will play an important factor in the UK’s renewable targets, according to QED Naval.

QED Naval and its Welsh subsidiary Mor Energy recently secured revenue support funding through the allocation round 5 (AR5) of the UK government’s contracts for difference renewable incentive scheme.

The AR5 supported QED Naval’s initial 4.5MW project at Morlais tidal energy site in North Wales.

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Following the meeting with Crosbie, the company said it is keen to collaborate with local supply chain and offer support in making a real difference to the local economy and coastal communities. 

Crosbie said: “I had a great meeting with QED Naval about its tidal energy ambitions on Anglesey. I will do everything I can to bring jobs, and investment like this to our ‘Energy Island’ and I will support companies like QED Naval to achieve their ambitions.

“I am delighted QED Naval is working with local companies to develop its tidal project at Morlais, part funded by the UK government. These are exciting times for Anglesey (Ynys Môn) and I am delighted to be playing my part and working so closely with innovative businesses like QED Naval.”

Operational base for Tocardo in North Wales

Subhub platform with Tocardo tidal turbines (Courtesy of QED Naval)

The meeting offered an opportunity for QED Naval’s to introduce its disruptive technology – a self-deploying tidal energy system Subhub – and set out plans for the company’s operations in Holyhead.

Additionally, there were exploratory discussions to establish an operational base for QED Naval’s subsidiary Tocardo and assistance to raise the profile of tidal energy in parliament.  

According to QED Naval, there is a great opportunity in setting up its operations in Holyhead. With its ambitions to scale up the tidal energy project led by MOR Energy to its full berth allocation of 30MW, this would spawn at least 30 Subhub platforms and 90 of their Tocardo T3 turbines, bringing significant value add and jobs to the area.

“The tax benefits that come with being within such a freeport area speak for themselves and are particularly attractive to investors and supply chain,” the company said.

Ongoing, wider discussions with Stena regarding QED Naval’s plans have also enabled it to merge with the area’s overall strategy. With a fuller understanding of the company’s vision, technology and its requirements to establish the business within the Freeport of Holyhead – there is great potential for the newly named ‘Prosperity Parc’, according to QED Naval.

“QED Naval is delighted with the introductions made in this meeting and see this as a great step towards ‘tidal town’. The tidal sector has won significantly from recent AR4 and AR5 rounds. Morlais and Wales has a great opportunity to establish supply chain and take an important step towards its ‘Energy Island’ vision and mix. Tidal energy, with its predictability, will play a valuable role in securing a low-carbon future and energy security,” the company said in a statement.

You’re welcome to read more about QED Naval and its Subhub technology in a recent interview Offshore Energy conducted with the company’s CEO Jeremy Smith, who spoke about the support received in the UK’s latest renewables auction round and tidal energy and its prospects in general.

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