Reflex Marine rolls out new personnel transfer carrier

WAVE-4 passenger transfer (Photo: Reflex Marine)
WAVE-4 passenger transfer (Photo: Reflex Marine)

Reflex Marine, a UK-based provider of safe marine access solutions to offshore industry, has launched a new personnel carrier WAVE-4.

WAVE-4 personnel carrier for standing passengers offers fall prevention, impact protection and has floating and self-righting capabilities, according to Reflex Marine.

James Strong, Project Manager, said: “Every year millions of passengers are safely transferred using Reflex Marine carriers. The company’s aim, with WAVE-4, is to provide the highest level of protection and performance for any standing transfer carrier on the market.”

The new product captures over 20 years of learning, experience and feedback from the industry, the company informed.

Reflex Marine will host a demonstration event of the WAVE-4 in Great Yarmouth, UK, at EnerMech’s Training Centre on August 3, 2016.