Regulator clears CGG’s Sauropod 3D seismic survey plan

Australia’s National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority (NOPSEMA) has approved CGG Services Australia’s (CGG’s) proposal to undertake the Sauropod 3D marine seismic survey.

CGG is proposing to conduct the Sauropod 3D marine seismic survey in Commonwealth waters of the Roebuck Basin, within exploration permit WA-527-P.

The purpose of the survey is to collect high-quality geophysical data about rock formations and structures beneath the seabed and assess the potential for new oil and gas discoveries.

NOPSEMA previously accepted an environmental plan for this activity in July 2020, developed and submitted by 3D Oil.

Now, CGG intends to conduct and manage the survey in WA-527-P under a revised and updated environmental plan.


The Sauropod 3D survey will take a maximum of 60 days to acquire, and will be undertaken within the acquisition window of January to May inclusive of 2022.

The precise timing of the survey is subject to vessel availability, weather conditions and other operational considerations, and will take into account the seasonality of environmental sensitivities, where practicable.

The 3D seismic acquisition covers approximately 3,500 square kilometres and is surrounded by a larger operational area spanning around 6,000 square kilometres. At its closest, the operational area is approximately 120 kilometres north of Eighty Mile Beach and 230 kilometres west of Broome.

The survey, to be undertaken in water depths 95-172 metres, will involve a single seismic survey vessel towing a seismic source array with a total volume of 2,820 cubic inches, at a water depth of approximately 5-10 metres.