Photo: Hi-Traq (Courtesy of IHC Offshore Energy)

Royal IHC’s subsea trenching vehicle to work in Gulf of Mexico

Royal IHC’s Offshore Energy division has delivered a multi-purpose subsea trenching vehicle to a UK-based company for operations in the Gulf of Mexico.

According to the company, the 1,600-horsepower vehicle, Hi-Traq Mk 1, has recently completed its first campaign.

Hi-Traq (Courtesy of IHC Offshore Energy)

Hi-Traq Mk 1 features a mechanical cutter and high-powered jetting suitable for various seabed conditions and can be configured for pipe or cable installation.

The four-track design allows the vehicle to navigate complex seabed terrain and provides a high degree of maneuverability. Additionally, the vehicle is designed to reduce operating costs and project risk, IHC Offshore Energy said.

“We are proud to successfully deliver this world-class spread of equipment to our client. Our next-generation multi-tool trencher has been designed to deliver significant operational capability to offshore O&G pipes and renewable power cables, giving our client a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We look forward to providing them with ongoing support throughout operations and the life cycle of the equipment”, said Andre Merlino, executive director of Offshore Energy.

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