Russia: Rescue Ship Igor Belousov Readies for Launching

 Rescue Ship Igor Belousov Readies for Launching

JSC Admiralteyskie Verfi shipyard (affiliate of United Shipbuilding Corporation) will launch rescue ship Igor Belousov (Project 21300) by the end of October 2012, reports the shipyard’s press service.

The contract for resuming of the ship’s construction suspended due to lack of financing was signed by Russian defense ministry and Admiralteyskie Verfi in Nov 2011. According to the contract, the ship is to join the Navy in 2014.

Rescue ship Igor Belousov opens Project 21300 developed by the Almaz Design Bureau. The hull is made of high-strength alloy designed by the Prometei research institute for construction materials. Having displacement of 5,000 tons and full speed of 15 knots, the ship is used for rescue of crewmembers of distressed submarines lying on the seabed or on surface. The ship will be equipped with manned and remotely-controlled deep-sea submersibles. The ship is named after Igor Belousov, Hero of Socialist Labor, engineer and Soviet minister of shipbuilding industry in 1984-1988.

Source: Russian Navy, September 26, 2012;  Image: JSC Admiralteyskie Verfi