RWE, LOTTE and Mitsubishi eye large-scale ammonia project in Port of Corpus Christi

RWE, LOTTE Chemical Corporation and Mitsubishi Corporation have agreed to jointly study the development of a large-scale integrated clean ammonia production and export project in Port of Corpus Christi, Texas, US.

Illustration (Archive). Courtesy of Port of Corpus Christi

To this end, the parties have signed a joint study agreement (JSA) with a strategic alliance they had formed to jointly develop stable and large-scale clean ammonia supply chains in Asia, Europe and the US.

Courtesy of Mitsubishi Corporation

Under the JSA, the partners will jointly study the development of a large-scale ammonia facility that integrates green and blue ammonia production and leverages common infrastructure for international exports with a focus on Asia and Europe.

The partners target the first production by 2030 and a phased build-out of production capacity with multiple production units. In the final build-out stage the project is envisaged to produce up to 10 million tons of clean ammonia per year.

The land required for the project is under discussion with the Port of Corpus Christi Authority. The partners said they are bringing together complementary expertise to develop the project.

This JSA is said to complement other preliminary efforts to develop large-scale clean ammonia projects including the South Texas region.

In addition to clean ammonia, plans are underway to also develop green hydrogen projects in the port.

Specifically, Apex Clean Energy, Ares, EPIC Midstream, and PPCA are looking into green hydrogen production, including a new pipeline and a green fuels hub at the port.

Moreover, the Port of Corpus Christi has also been encouraged by the US Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Clean Energy Demonstration to submit a full application for its Horizons Clean Hydrogen Hub (HCH2) through the Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs Program.

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