Sabella’s tidal turbines to power Indonesia

Sabella has signed an MoU with PLP and MEINDO to supply renewable electricity to remote areas of Indonesia.

The aim of this agreement is to develop ocean current energy in Indonesia for remote areas of the country.

The turbines to be deployed in Indonesia will be of 100 kW to 2.500 kW in capacity.

Sabella is working in collaboration with PLP and MEINDO on the engineering of the first project, that could be implemented this year.

The project is expected to create hundreds of jobs locally, according to Sabella.

Government of Indonesia has committed to ensure that 23 percent of electricity is generated by renewables by the year 2025, and this announcement accompanying the one published earlier about Akuo Energy’s collaboration with Pertamina to develop several renewable projects in Indonesia confirms the Indonesian government’s commitment for developing renewable energy production.

Sabella is a French-based tidal energy developer, that has designed D10 tidal turbines with the capacity of 1 MW. The company plans to install the first D10 turbine at the Fromveur Passage in April, and the electricity produced will be fed to the grid of Ushant island.

PLP is an Indonesian services company providing resources, coordination and quality control of the project.

MEINDO is an Indonesian industrial and construction company specialized in the oil and gas industry, providing construction site, marine equipment and material, as well as transportation and installation services.