‘Safe Bristolia’ still waiting for its towline

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Prosafe still has not managed to establish the towline for its semi-sub accommodation vessel the Safe Bristolia that broke loose in the North Sea. 

To remind, after the towline connecting the Safe Bristolia to an anchor handling tug vessel Sea Lynx snapped due to heavy weather, the vessel was left drifting in the North Sea. At the time the incident happened, Safe Bristolia was on its way from Cromarty Firth to Gdansk, Poland.

The captain of the Safe Bristolia on Monday deployed one of the two emergency anchors in order to stop the vessel’s drift until the sea-state comes down.

Prosafe planned to reinstate the tow on Tuesday. However, the company shared an update on Wednesday saying that Safe Bristolia’s position remains unchanged and that the flotel is still waiting for its towline to be re-established.

“The vessel has held position for the last 48 hours with Anchor Handling Vessel in attendance. We are waiting for a break in the weather before re-establishing the main tow,” Prosafe said.

The vessel has a fully functional satellite communications package that has facilitated good ship to shore communications and Prosafe continues to work closely with the Coastguard, the company also noted.

Offshore Energy Today Staff

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