SBG Introduces Navsight Marine Solution

SBG Systems has released the Navsight Marine Solution, inertial navigation solution designed to made surveyors’ tasks easier on both shallow and deep water.

Navsight Marine Solution consists in an inertial measurement unit available at two different performance levels (from shallow to deep water), and connected to Navsight processing unit embedding the fusion intelligence, the GNSS receiver when selected, and all connections to external equipment such as echo-sounders and sonar.

The solution is based on 10 years of SBG Systems experience in marine inertial sensing products. The Ekinox and Apogee INS have been a huge success in the field; the company continues its efforts to offer even more performance, simplicity, robustness, and versatility to marine professionals.

Whether the IMU comes with a surface or a subsea enclosure, they are all lightweight and easy to install, SBG says. Navsight connects to any computer, with no software installation. Once connected through Ethernet, the web interface guides the user to configure the solution. A 3D view of the boat shows the entered parameters so that the user can check in real time the installation.

Navsight Marine Solution provides motion and navigation data as well as a real-time heave accurate to 5 cm, which automatically adjusts to the wave frequency. To allow surveying when wave frequencies are large or complex, Navsight comes with a delayed heave feature resulting in a heave accurate to up to 2 cm computed in real-time with a little delay, the company explains. If higher performance is required, the surveyor can count on SBG INS/GNSS post-processing software named Qinertia.