Scorpio Tankers picks FOWE fuel emulsion systems for 100+ vessels

Monaco-based shipping company Scorpio Tankers has signed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding to install the Fowe Eco Solutions (FOWE) fuel emulsion systems across its entire fleet of over 100 vessels.

Scorpio began testing FOWE’s emulsion fuel bunkers in 2022 and since December 2022 has been continuously operating two of its vessels with 12% water emulsion bunkers.

FOWE’s Cavitech device allows each vessel to produce emulsified bunkers on board. This system enables stable and permanent emulsions to be produced without the use of additives.

Scorpio plans for all its vessels to be operating with this technology by the end of 2024.

As informed, the move is expected to result in an overall reduction of at least 3% in fuel costs and 100,000 tons of carbon emissions annually.

The terms of the licensing agreement will require no material upfront costs for the company, according to Scorpio Tankers.

“In terms of financial and environmental benefits, the FOWE system stands out for its clear and immediate advantages. Requiring little in the way of initial investment and eliminating the need for installation downtime, the FOWE solution presents an ideal pathway to reducing operating expenses and curbing greenhouse gas emissions,” Emanuele Lauro, Chairman and CEO of Scorpio Tankers, commented.

In December 2023, FOWE conducted tests on boilers at Alfa Laval to verify performance and emissions when combusting emulsified oil (eFO) prepared with FOWE’s Cavitech device. The 15% emulsion showed potential improvement in average fuel consumption of up to 6%.

Following this positive result, further testing was undertaken at Alfa Laval in January 2024 to verify performance and emissions of a MAN 9L28/32 four stroke diesel engine. This involved a base test with standard fuel oil from bunker company (without water content) and a test with FOWE emulsified fuel with 12% water content. Each test was run at 50% and 100% load.

The results noted that the 12% water content showed bunker savings of 8.7% at a 50% load and 6% at a 100% load. In addition, NOx emissions were lower on all load scenarios compared to the base test, with a 1.6% reduction at 50% load and 8.0% reduction at 100% load.

“We are delighted that our technology is contributing to Scorpio’s sustainability strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across their operations,” Dean Mihalic, FOWE’s CEO, said.

“Recent tests conducted at the Alfa Laval Test and Training Centre in Aalborg, Denmark, indicate potential fuel savings of up to 6.3% for boilers and 8.7% for marine four-stroke engines. Our technology produces a permanent emulsion with no additives, resulting in cleaner and more complete combustion and significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions,” he added.

The final licensing agreement is subject to customary documentation and closing conditions, and it is expected to be signed within the first quarter of 2024.

Scorpio Tankers currently owns, lease finances or bareboat charters-in 111 product tankers — 39 LR2 tankers, 58 MR tankers and 14 Handymax tankers — with an average age of 8 years. 

In January 2024, the company entered into an agreement to sell one of its MR tankers and buy five vessels.

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