Seabased in Cable Swap at Sotenäs Wave Power Plant

Finnish energy company, Fortum, and Sweden’s Seabased Industry have agreed to replace an export cable at the demonstration wave power plant off the coast of Smögen, Sotenäs community, in western Sweden.

Back in December 2011 Seabased and Fortum signed two contracts, one to deliver a 10 MW demonstration plant off Sotenäs and the other to maintain the plant after installation.

The actual deployment of the wave power plant project, with financial support from the Swedish Energy Agency, started in May 2013, with 10 kilometers of subsea cable installed by Baltic Offshore.

However, the company informed that the cable is inappropriate, and according to Seabased, several insulation failures have occurred during connection of the plant this summer and it was required to buy a new cable.

The decision to replace the inappropriate cable was taken by consensus between Fortum and Sebased Industry. Negotiations with marine contractors for cable deployment is on going.