Seanic Delivers Tailored Subsea Chain Tensioner

Seanic Ocean Systems has successfully tested and delivered a custom-designed chain tensioner to an undisclosed client that specializes in deep water well containment equipment and technology.

The tool was custom-designed by Seanic’s engineers over the course of the last year and recently completed a pre-delivery testing program intended to verify its dependability in an emergency situation.

When a marine riser is disconnected from a wellhead, offshore operators must take great care to prevent bending or damaging the wellhead. Seanic’s chain tensioner is used in the situation where a wellhead has been knocked out of level. The tool is used to generate up to 400,000 pounds of pull to enable the well to be returned to its original position.

The chain tensioner is operated with a single directional control valve by a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), and is, according to the company, the only one of its kind that is subsea deployable with a chain that is both removable and installable subsea.

“When Seanic builds a custom tool for a client, we are challenged to apply our expertise to develop a creative solution to a problem that demands a better answer. In designing our subsea chain tensioner we engineered a simple, rugged and reliable custom well control tool structured around our client’s needs,” commented Seanic Project Manager Britni Plummer. “The unit is truly one of a kind in terms of functionality and stability.”