Seatools Launches New Active Heave Compensation Module

Seatools, based in the Netherlands, has introduced new active heave compensation module, the HeaveMate.

The active heave compensator can be integrated on offshore and subsea equipment such as winches, cranes, and LARS systems, the company explained.

HeaveMate can be delivered either as an OEM package with the essentials for heave compensation or as part of a complete turnkey system, including mechanical and hydraulic hardware, Seatools added.

Sieds Tamsma, senior research & development engineer, said: “In addition to the risk and time reduction yielded from the application of simulations, we have incorporated auto-tuning functionalities that allow us to reduce commissioning times. Moreover, the controller adapts itself to actual wave conditions, which optimizes performance while avoiding potential resonance problems. We believe built-in intelligence of this type is a considerable operational advantage.”

The system is currently deployed in a retrofit project in which a passively compensated LARS will be upgraded towards an actively heave-compensated LARS.