Sea Trucks: ‘Jascon 31’ to work offshore Mexico

Sea Trucks Group, a group of companies offering offshore installation services to the oil & gas industry, has been awarded a charter for the DP3 accommodation construction vessel Jascon 31 in the Gulf of Mexico.

According to the group, the vessel will start sailing soon from West Africa to its location in the Gulf of Mexico.

Sea Trucks will provide accommodation support services, lifting operations and installation work to Permaducto S.A. de C.V. for works on the KMZ68/69 project from Pemex for a period of 95 days plus options.

The vessel ,suitable for both shallow and deep-water operations, is equipped with a 400 mT, heave compensated, main crane, enabling it to provide extensive subsea support services. The multipurpose vessel also features accommodation facilities for 469 persons, a heave compensated gangway and 1300 m2 of unobstructed deck space.

The group added that the work will begin in September 2015.

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