'Significant milestone' as DOF performs offshore ROV mission piloted from onshore

‘Significant milestone’ as DOF performs offshore ROV mission piloted from onshore

Norway’s DOF has performed its first-ever offshore ROV mission piloted from onshore, an operation that the company sees as a significant milestone.

Source: DOF Group

“I’m enthusiastic about the successful implementation of ROV remote operations and the positive impact this will have on our company’s future. Going forward, we will mature the technology further and commercialise it to offer bespoke remote solutions to our clients,” said Dag-Raymond Rasch, DOF’s EVP Atlantic.

According to DOF, remote operations are here to stay and the future of work is set to become more remote, bringing about positive changes in how the company plans and executes projects. DOF also expects that remote work will enable it to access work sites and undertake a wider range of projects.

Speaking about other news that came from DOF this month, the Norwegian company announced it was chartering a 2013-built ultra-light intervention vessel from Bordelon Marine for work in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.

The time charter will commence in March 2024 when DOF will mobilize two heavy-work class remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and survey as part of the integrated spread to ensure client coverage between the end of the charter of the Ross Candies in February 2024 and the start of charter of Cade Candies in 2025.