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SIMEC Atlantis seeks tidal modelling expertise

Sustainable energy company SIMEC Atlantis Energy is looking for loads and modelling engineer who would join its turbines & engineering services team working on development of tidal energy technology.

Based in Bristol, the position entails performing turbine loading calculations to support the design process.

In addition, the responsibility for the analysis of turbine loading and performance and subsystem functionality during testing, commissioning and service will also come with the job for the new engineer.

The post will report to Head of Loads and Modelling and will work closely with colleagues across our engineering and project delivery teams to drive the turbine design process.

SIMEC Atlantis Energy is a global developer of renewable and sustainable energy projects with more than 1,000 megawatts of power projects in various stages of development which includes the company’s flagship tidal stream project, MeyGen.

The company has recently announce plans to to deliver 40% more yield from the MeyGen tidal energy array by installing two of its new 2MW tidal turbines to the scheme.

When installed, during the project’s Stroma phase, the new Atlantis turbines – rated up to 2.0MW using more powerful generators and larger rotor diameters – will also use a new subsea connection hub and share a single export cable, enhancing the existing 6MW MeyGen array.

The deadline to apply for the job has been set for November 19, 2018.

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