Singapore: GL – Maritime Software Drives Energy Efficiency


Shipping is highly underinvested in modern software technologies. Only 0.7% of the investments that go into new vessels go into software technologies. With rising fuel prices and operating costs leaving the industry facing ever slimmer profit margins, Germanischer Lloyd (GL) experts showed how the increased deployment of the latest maritime software systems could help to fight this trend.

“Looking at ship operating costs we see a steady, rising trend,” said Dr Torsten Buessow, Vice President of GL Maritime Software, at a GL Exchange Forum held late April in Singapore. His calculations, based on an analysis of the development in operating costs of three typical ship types, 3,000-4,000TEU container vessels, Panamax dry bulk carriers, and 15,000-20,000 dwt general cargo vessels, show an estimated growth rate of 13% from 2010 to 2014.

“There is a great deal of big potential for the shipping sector to invest more into maritime software,” said Dr Buessow, “the sector’s investment level is just one fifth of that of the oil & gas industry. Software and new technologies can help ship owners and operators improve their cost positions and competitiveness.”

The use of maritime software is on the rise and benefiting more and more ship managers and operators. For instance, around 150 vessels worldwide have adopted GL HullManager, a hull integrity management tool, as operators increasingly give the same attention to ships’ hull structure as they do to the condition of their machinery. As well as improving management efficiency through a 3D model of the vessel which can be linked to visual inspections and thickness measurement, the software can help to cut down on a vessel’s inspection and repair costs.

With a growing number of environmental regulations entering into force, maritime software will also enable the shipping business to reduce emissions to air and sea, enhance their reputation as good corporate citizens and even save on port fees. “We have an integrated system which can make full use of all existing voyage data,” said Mr. Dominic Ng, Director of GL Maritime Software, South Asia/Oceania, talking of the advantages of GL EmissionsManager. “By offering harmonized voyage reporting, structured data collection and analysis, this tool can prepare our clients for both incoming international regulations and the increasing demands of environmentally aware stakeholders.”

GL Maritime Software offers an extensive range of software in support of ship design, ship operation and management, covering hull integrity, machinery, voyage management, fuel saving, and crewing activities. Some of its software applications can also be employed to assist compliance with the forthcoming Maritime Labor Convention, 2006. “The uniqueness of our solutions lies in the fact that we provide the most comprehensive and innovative portfolio in the industry and that we are independent from any shipping companies,” said Dr Buessow.


Source: GL Group, May 14, 2012;