SINN Power retrieves wave energy device for upgrades

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SINN Power has retrieved its wave energy device to conduct upgrades after one year of deployment in Greece.

The goal is to maximize energy generation and further improve durability of all components in the ocean environment, German wave energy developer SINN Power informed.

The device was taken off the wall at the Port of Heraklion in Crete for upgrades to the third generation in December 2016.

Among others, the upgrades include new generators with increased power output, more efficient power electronics, and improved end-stop buffering to absorb the impact of high waves.

After the winter break, the third-generation wave energy converter module will be reinstalled for another round of long-term tests, according to SINN Power.

These advanced tests serve as preparation for the planned installation of the floating wave energy converter array, also planned to take place in the Heraklion area after coordination with the local authorities.

The device was first installed at the end of the breakwater wall of Heraklion’s port in December 2015, while the long-term tests began in May 2016.

SINN Power’s wave energy converter produces power as the up and down motion of the waves lift the floating bodies of the individual modules, which in turn lift a rod that runs through a generator unit, resulting in electricity generation.

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