Skiff that attacked Teekay’s LNG carrier Galicia Spirit off Yemen carried explosives

Skiff that attacked Teekay's LNG carrier Galicia Spirit off Yemen carried explosives
Image courtesy of Teekay

The vessel that attacked Teekay’s LNG carrier Galicia Spirit on October 25, 2016, off the coast of Yemen near Bab al-Mandab Strait, carried a “substantial amount of explosives” an investigation of the incident showed. 

To remind, Teekay said in a statement following the attack that its LNG carrier managed to maintain full propulsion and left the high-risk area in attendance of a Djibouti warship.

Following the incident, Teekay has undertaken an investigation with the assistance of security experts.

The investigation to-date indicates that the skiff that engaged in an attack on the Galicia Spirit using small arms was also carrying a substantial amount of explosives, the latest statement reads.

Although the intentions of the attackers and the use of explosives are unknown, the investigation found that the explosives would have caused significant damage to the LNG carrier.

“It appears, however, that when the skiff was approximately 20 meters from the vessel the explosives detonated, destroying the skiff and ending the attack,” Teekay said in its statement.

Galicia Spirit, with the capacity to transport up to 137,814 cubic meters, appears to have suffered only minor damage with none of the crew being injured.

The company noted that the investigation into the incident continues in full cooperation with all relevant authorities.