Skuld joins global initiative for zero-carbon shipping

Skuld, a marine insurance provider, has joined the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Center (MMMC) for Zero Carbon Shipping, an independent not-for-profit research and development center, as part of its stated intention to protect ocean industries.

According to Skuld, the insurer became a mission partner to the MMMC in order to participate in a global initiative to decarbonise the maritime industry.

Ståle Hansen, Skuld president and CEO, said: “Sustainability is an essential part of Skuld’s strategy, culture and identity. As a membership organisation, we are frequently contacted for advice on decarbonisation and this partnership with MMMC will further support and promote our common goal of securing and providing tomorrow’s zero-carbon shipping solutions”.

“We are happy to welcome Skuld to our group of mission partners. The mission partnership model is offered to companies and organisations across the shipping value chain that share our ambition of a decarbonised maritime industry and would like to be closely connected to the Center’s work through a formalized network and information flow”, says Tanja Dalgaard of MMMC.

Copenhagen-based MMMC for Zero Carbon Shipping was established in June 2020 and operates globally. The center was founded by Maersk, ABS, Cargill, MAN Energy Solutions, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, NYK Lines and Siemens Energy.

The initiative is focusing on the development of new fuel types and technologies as the industry charts its path toward achieving the IMO 2050 target.

The MMMC comprises corporate partners across multiple industries, including TotalAlfa LavalNorden, Haldor TopsoeSeaspan CorporationDanish Shipping as well as oil and gas major BP.

Recently, the center welcomed the Greek ship management company Minerva Gas and the US-based ship-owner Eagle Bulk Shipping as its mission partners.

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