Smart Hydro teams up with IMP Powers for Indian market

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German-based engineering company Smart Hydro Power has hired IMP Powers as its exclusive marketing and sales representative for the Indian market.

Under the agreement, Mumbai-based transformer manufacturing company IMP Powers will exclusively market Smart Hydro’s 5kW kinetic energy turbines initially in India, and later in other countries as well, IMP Powers informed.

Smart Hydro’s in-stream turbines are powered by kinetic energy as opposed to the conventional hydro power projects that use potential energy.

The turbines are suitable for installation in canals, tail races of conventional hydropower plants, rivers and free-flowing streams.

“This cutting-edge technology coupled with low infrastructure cost makes this product a cost-effective solution for India’s growing energy needs. Next year onwards, we will manufacture this product in India to step up our ‘Make in India’ drive. We are committed towards nation building using sustainable and renewable energy sources,” said Aaditya Dhoot, Managing Director of IMP Powers.

Dhoot added that from the next year IMP Powers will have exclusive marketing and selling rights for the in-stream technology in Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar and East African regions.

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) of India encourages and supports the use of kinetic turbine technology as an important source of renewable energy in India, according to IMP Powers.

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