Solstad CSV hired for work in South America

Solstad Offshore has secured a contract for its construction support vessel (CSV) Normand Samson in South America.

CSV Normand Samson (Source: Solstad Offshore)

The company did not reveal information about the client but did say that the vessel was chartered by a major oil service company.

Under the contract, CSV Normand Samson will be utilized on a field development project for a period of minimum 350 days with options to extend for additional 150 days.

According to the offshore shipping company, the contract will commence during the second quarter of 2022.

CSV Normand Samson (Source: Solstad Offshore)

In the company-related news, in August, Solstad secured a contract with Petrobras for the deployment of the CSV Normand Flower on the Brazilian continental shelf.

At the same time, the company signed a contract extension with Prysmian Powerlink for its CSV Normand Pacific for a period of one year.

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