Solstad CSVs to support Petrobras and Prysmian ops

Solstad Offshore has secured a contract with Petrobras for the deployment of its construction support vessel (CSV) Normand Flower on the Brazilian continental shelf.

Under the contract, Solstad will support Petrobras’ exploration and production activities.

CSV Normand Flower (Courtesy of Solstad Offshore)

The contract duration is three years firm with 475 days options thereafter, commencing in April 2022.

Additionally, Solstad has signed a contract extension with Prysmian Powerlink for its CSV Normand Pacific for a period of one year.

The firm period will expire on 31 December 2022. Prysmian has the option to extend the contract with two years beyond the firm period, Solstad informed.

CSV Normand Pacific (Courtesy of Solstad Offshore)

Normand Pacific has been on charter with Prysmian since August 2016.

Recently, Solstad won two medium-term contracts for CSV Normand Frontier and CSV Normand Navigator to support projects in South America and South East Asia.

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