Spain’s Gandia to house Europe’s 1st energy self-sufficient port

The Port of Gandia is set to become Europe’s first energy self-sufficient port after the installation of the solar energy plant, the Port Authority of Valencia (PAV) has revealed.


Valenciaport has awarded a contract for the installation and maintenance of the solar energy plant to compatriot firm Electromur. The project, which has a capacity of 990 MWh/year, is expected to make Gandia the first European port to be energy self-sufficient.

The Port of Gandía will feature a photovoltaic energy plant for self-consumption, whose solar energy collectors will be located on the roof of shed 4, with a floor area of 4,500 square metres. Electrical energy storage equipment will also be installed. The construction of the solar power plant is expected to be finished within eight months and the maintenance period encompasses 52 months.

This project is financed by the European Union’s funds and the Spanish Government. The value of the project is €1.7 million ($1.71 million).

Valenciaport plans to inject €130 million in sustainability actions to meet the strategic objective of 2030 zero emissions, which will reduce dependence on fossil fuels and promote energy security.

Last year, the port authority joined the club of twelve international ports committed to decarbonisation and emission reduction projects, World Ports Climate Action Program.

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In addition to this photovoltaic plant at the Port of Gandia, Valenciaport plans to install two other solar power plants at the Port of Valencia, one of them in the Valencia Terminal Europa, and the other between the Príncipe Felipe dock and the Club Náutico de València. Both projects are expected to enable the port to produce 14% of the electrical energy it needs.

Moreover, there are other initiatives such as the installation of wind turbines at the Port of Valencia, the construction of two electrical substations to connect the engines of ships docking at the port to the electricity grid, and the use of hydrogen in the port operations.

Valenciaport is the first in Europe to install a green hydrogen plant to reduce the environmental impact of its terminal machinery operations. The station is mobile and will provide the necessary fuel, in the appropriate conditions and quantities to guarantee the continuous working cycles of the equipment forming part of the H2Ports project.

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