Stena Important Thwarts Pirate Attack

Bermuda-flagged oil/chemical tanker Stena Important, operated by Concordia Maritime, was approached by a suspicious vessel at Doula Anchorage, Cameroon on March 19, 2020.

“The alarm was raised by the Officer of the Watch (OOW)  and the crew mustered to their respective stations,” the company confirmed to World Maritime News.

Following a failed attempt to board via ladder, the suspicious vessel and its crew departed the scene after a few minutes.”

 According to a report from a West Africa-based consultancy firm Praesidium International, there were eight perpetrators who tried to board the vessel twice.

As informed, the onboard security team engaged the perpetrators before they aborted action. The crew and security team are reported to be safe.

Concordia Maritime told our news desk that there were no injuries sustained onboard during the incident.

 “All relevant authorities and parties were notified, and a careful review will be done to assess if any further security measurements are deemed necessary in order to safely complete the current voyage,” the company said.

Based on its latest AIS data, the 2015-built IMOIIMAX tanker is anchored in Lagos, Nigeria.

World Maritime News Staff