Stonehenge to harness Maldivian waves

Stonehenge Metals has announced plans to install a commercial Protean wave farm off Hanimaadhoo Island, the Maldives.

Stonehenge Metals is acquiring 99% of Clean Energy Maldives Pvt (CEM), which has the approval and local support to establish a commercial wave energy converter power generation and seawater desalination facility.

The project has been designed to provide peak power potential of 2,000 kilowatts and desalination potential of 50 kL per day.

Construction of the Hanimaadhoo Wave Farm Project is conditional upon the acquisition of CEM and successful deployment of the 30-buoy pre-commercial demonstration wave farm off the coast of Western Australia, Stonehenge Metals’ press release reads.

Over 100 of the Island’s businesses and residences have expressed their interest in purchasing power from this wave energy project, according to Stonehenge Metals.

Bruce Lane, Stonehenge Managing Director, said: “The agreement with Clean Energy Maldives paves the way for a commercial application of the Protean technology in the Maldives. The Company is excited to work with CEM and its management who have been instrumental in garnering the very strong support we have for the project from the local government and community on the Island.”

The Protean WEC system is based upon a point-absorber wave energy converter buoy device, which floats at the water surface and extracts energy from the waves by the extension and retraction of a tether to its anchoring weight on the seabed.

Stonehenge is an Australian mining company that has entered into an option agreement to purchase the Protean WEC technology.

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Image: Protean Wave Energy