STR makes multi-milion pound investment in Sonardyne technology

STR makes multi-million pound investment in Sonardyne technology

Subsea Technology and Rentals (STR) has made a multi-million pound investment in Sonardyne’s latest acoustic and inertial technologies, including seafloor, vehicle and vessel-based positioning hardware.


The purchase includes Sonardyne’s Long BaseLine (LBL), Ultra-Short BaseLine (USBL) and inertial navigation systems, which will support survey and construction projects across the offshore energy markets.

STR said its order includes a large pool of Compatt 6+ LBL transponders, structure-mounted Gyro Compatt 6+s and ROV-mounted ROVNav 6+ ROV LBL transceivers.

The company has also invested in Sonardyne’s SPRINT-Nav hybrid underwater vehicle navigation technology, as well as in multiple Sonardyne Mini-Ranger 2 USBL systems and a large pool of Wideband Sub-Mini 6+ transponders (WSM 6+).

“We’re witnessing increasing demand for our technology and services across the offshore energy markets,” said Scott Johnstone, chief operating officer at STR. “Timely access to the latest generation of hybrid subsea technology to get these shallow and deepwater projects executed on time is critical to us and our customers, which is why we’re making this investment now.”

In February, STR made its largest investment in iXblue technology to date with the acquisition of the iXblue long baseline (LBL) system Canopus.

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