Sustainable Marine Energy Applies for Grand Passage Demo Permit

Sustainable Marine Energy Canada (SMEC) is proposing an electrical grid-connected tidal energy project at Grand Passage, located between the communities of Westport and Freeport in Digby County, Nova Scotia.

PLAT-I installed at Grand Passage with SMEagol Service Vessel

The project will begin with the connection of the PLAT-I tidal energy platform (outfitted with 4 tidal turbines) that is currently installed at Grand Passage to the Nova Scotia electrical grid in spring 2020.

This will be followed by the installation of a second PLAT-I device near the current location of PLAT-I.

The second device will be similar in size to PLAT-I with 6 tidal turbines and a larger generating capacity.

Both devices will be connected to the electrical grid via a subsea cable grid.

The proposed demonstration will be the first electrical grid-connection of the PLAT-I technology in the world.

Fabrication of the second PLAT-I will begin in early 2020, with launch, installation and commissioning taking place in mid-2020.