Tadek backs Magallanes Renovables in delivering its first commercial-scale tidal energy array

Tadek backs Magallanes Renovables in delivering its first commercial-scale tidal energy array

Spanish tidal energy developer Magallanes Renovables has partnered up with Tadek Ocean Engineering for support related to its first commercial-scale tidal energy array.

Source: Magallanes Renovables

Magallanes secured two contracts in Contracts for Difference (CfD) allocation rounds – the first at the Morlais Demonstration Zone in North Wales, where it will install two 1.5 MW tidal energy platforms, adding 3 MW to the 6 MW secured in 2022.

The second project will take place at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Scotland where the company has its UK base and plans to install a 1.5 MW tidal energy array.

Tadek, which provides specialist consultancy, complex analysis, engineering solutions and practical project delivery for marine, offshore and subsea projects, is delivering a broad package of support to Magallanes Renovables. The company’s Founder and CEO Rupert Raymond said the firm is currently supporting Magallanes with detailed design involving cables, installation and mooring systems.

“We thrilled to announce Tadek’s partnership with Magallanes Renovables, supporting one of the world’s most ambitious tidal energy projects,” Raymond said.

“Our task with each client is fundamentally the same – to understand the ocean engineering challenge and to develop and deliver considered, practical and precise solutions to enable project success. By providing specialist, focussed solutions, we enable clients to make informed decisions, whether for investment or insurance planning or to support the successful implementation of projects and reduce risk and cost.”

Magallanes Renovables CEO Alex Marques de Magallanes said most recently underwater sonar technology was deployed on the ATIR tidal energy converter, as part of Menter Môn’s Marine Characterisation Research Project (MCRP). The research and development project will support the implementation of tidal energy converters in the Morlais Demonstration Zone.

Using technical solutions developed by the Sea Mammal Research Unit at the University of St Andrews, the active sonar was mounted beneath the hull on the Magallanes ATIR tidal energy converter, currently deployed at EMEC in Orkney.

“We are proud to be working at the vanguard of the renewable energy sector,” said Marques de Magallanes. “In order push the boundaries and deploy new, innovative technology it’s been imperative to build a world-class supply chain, including partners such as Tadek Ocean Engineering, who bring an unparalleled level of expertise – in this case within marine operations.

“The recent CfD’s for tidal energy projects represent a significant step towards unlocking a new resource at a large scale that will bring a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable future for our communities, our planet, and generations to come.”

Morlais provides infrastructure for tidal energy developers to deploy devices at commercial scale, backed by €37.6 million in grant funds from the EU’s Regional Development.

Located off the northwest coast of Holy Island, Anglesey, the consented area for the installation and commercial demonstration of multiple arrays of tidal energy devices will be suitable for a maximum installed capacity of 240 MW. Once operational, it will able to provide clean power for more than 180,000 homes.

Last month, the construction of a £24 million substation for the Morlais site was completed after being officially opened by the First Minister of Wales in October 2023. The first turbine deployments are scheduled for 2026.

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