Targray joins Green Marine to back adoption of sustainable clean fuels

Canadian renewable energy company Targray has joined Green Marine, a voluntary environmental certification program for the North American and European maritime industries. 

Illustration; Credit: Targray

This strategic engagement solidifies Targray’s commitment to decarbonizing maritime shipping, a sector that consumes more than 330 million metric tonnes of fuel each year, while reinforcing the company’s support of the global transition to low-carbon fuels.

Furthermore, Targray’s Green Marine membership highlights the company’s dedication to leveraging its global reach and expertise to contribute significantly to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the maritime sector.

“Maritime shipping is the backbone of global trade, and the industry’s transition to low carbon fuels is essential for a sustainable future,” said Targray President, Andrew Richardson.

“Targray’s international presence uniquely positions us to support bunker fuel suppliers and their customers worldwide in the journey toward sustainability and decarbonization.”

The maritime industry is at a critical juncture with increasing pressure to reduce its carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. Green Marine is a non-profit North American environmental certification program for the maritime industry that expanded to Europe in 2020, with a mission of going beyond regulations and fostering real environmental improvement in the maritime industry.

They engage stakeholders, including shipowners, ports, terminals, and shipyards, in their commitment to continuous improvement.

Recently, Fimar, a French company specializing in the arrangement and financing of merchant vessels, also joined the environmental certification program. The partners want to highlight how financial engineering is an essential part of the greening of the maritime industry.

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