TASNEEF, Drydocks World sign MOU for LNG tug

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TASNEEF, Drydocks World sign MOU

Emirates Classification Society (TASNEEF) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Drydocks World and Dubai Maritime City (DMC) aiming at providing classification services to the world’s first LNG-powered harbour tug carrying the trade mark “Elemarateyah”.

This landmark undertaking, in which the tug will have a dual engine capable of operating with both traditional MDO & LNG, will represent a major breakthrough that would decide the future of green technology.

In the meantime, the initiative is part of the Dubai Maritime Green Initiative, a strategic movement to encourage all-round environmental excellence in maritime and allied sectors including oil, gas and energy.

Khamis Juma Buamim, Chairman of Drydocks World & Maritime World said that this collaboration represents a clear evidence of the effort exerted by Drydocks World to further upgrade the UAE standards and specifications in the naval and maritime sectors, making it a source for the best global practices in providing top-notch maritime services and a focal point for international recognition.

Buamim indicated that Drydocks World is heavily investing in quality control management systems to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its naval and maritime services, making it the ultimate destination for maritime innovations that will build the future of maritime industries on both the local and regional levels. “Drydocks World is adopting a quality-based strategy; since quality is considered one of the most critical pillars in global competition, it is the reason behind our reputation in complying with strict quality control standards and regulations; thereby making quality the guarantee for unremitting international success to the extent that our name has become synonymous for superior quality and excellence,” he added.

Buamim further expressed his confidence that success will accompany this Drydocks World -TASNEEF collaboration which aims to build the world’s first LNG-powered harbor tug that will surely receive global recognition and be the first step in a road filled with various UAE maritime innovations that commands the world’s respect and admiration.

According to Rashid Al-Hebsi, CEO of Tasneef, “TASNEEF’s priorities are the preservation of life and marine property, the protection of the marine environment through the issuance of norms and standards and applying them, and the issuance of confirming certificates. It also aims to obtain necessary local and regional recognition, and seeks to consolidate its position as one of the recognized authorities in the field of classification and certification.” He also affirmed, “We cannot achieve progress and accomplishments without our qualified UAE calibre who have expertise in classification, inspection and surveying of all types of vessels. At TASNEEF, we are determined to attract, educate, train and qualify the young Emiratis in the fields of mechanical, electrical and electronic and maritime architecture engineering, to enhance the domestic market and marine industries with such national experiences.”

He added that TASNEEF will provide classification services for “Elemarateyah” harbor tug according to the highest possible standards, and will offer the best services to its clients, including classification and advisory services, issue mandatory certificates for ship registration, and provide technical and engineering services as well as training.

For his part, Saif Al-Rashidi, Fleet Support Manager at TASNEEF, emphasised that, broadly, the LNG efficiency comparison is clearly better than MDO fuel as energy content of LNG is almost double than that of MDO, Further the cost of fuel is also a driving factor as currently, the average price of LNG is nearly half of MDO fuel.

“We always encourage building green technologies. The environmental and economic advantages of using LNG as a marine propulsion fuel are immeasurable. Use of LNG will reduce emissions of NOx and CO2 by approximately 85% and 25% respectively. Our combined initiative with leaders in their respective fields aims to implement LNG technology at our yard and develop appropriate facilities thereby encouraging the commercial use of the technology,” he stated.

Al-Rashidi then explained that the initial working stages for the harbor tug will start by approving the design, steel cut, installation, and then the fitting supervision before the delivery. “All these stages will be carried out as per TASNEEF technical rules and in according to the international standards required by IMO also to the National requirement of UAE Flag administration. Also after delivery, TASNEEF will conduct periodical surveys to ensure that vessel, its components and machinery are in compliance of classification rules, International regulations and UAE flag statutory requirements.”

He added Drydocks World has also entered into Memoranda of Understanding with Wartsila for building the world’s first LNG powered harbor tug. In this occasion, Lars Anderson, Vice President, 4 –stroke Sales, Wartsila Ship Power clarified that “Wartsila and Drydocks World share the same mission of providing environmental friendly solutions to the marine industry. Our years of experience and technology leadership provide a strong basis of support to Drydocks World as they strive to maintain a safe and clean operating environment. At Wartsila we optimise a vessel’s efficiency starting from initial design, power and propulsion systems and the integrated automation system.” Anderson also added that by signing the MoU, Wartsila will be able to enhance further its cooperation with Drydocks World ensuring delivery of modern and efficient ships complying with the present legislation and the ones to come. In this case DDW is the first in Middle East to lead the Green and Eco ships. This will set an example for many owners/operators in the area to follow.


Press Release, September 8, 2014; Image: Drydocks World

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