Technical Dive Expert Joins Avon Protection’s New Underwater Life Support Innovation Centre

Technical Dive Expert Joins Avon Protection’s New Underwater Life Support Innovation Centre DSEI N9-260

Visitors to DSEI 2013 will this year experience a new side to Avon Protection as the company previews its new underwater innovation centre for the very first time.

A number of advanced products are being displayed including:

– Semi Closed Rebreather for shallow water operations

– Explosive Ordnance Disposal /Mine Counter Measures Rebreather

– Power Assisted Mouthpiece (PAM)

– Dive computers and data loggers

Kevin Gurr, technical dive expert who has recently finished filming alongside Monty Halls in a Channel 5 dive series, leads Avon’s team who already have an impressive client list to date including the UK MOD, Japan Coast Guard, WoodsHole Oceanographic Institute, US National Parks Service NOAA, and the Danish Navy.

Commenting on Avon’s new direction Kevin said, ‘the combination of our innovation within this specialist team and Avon’s established route to market will generate an exciting range of new products going forward. Military diving is changing and becoming more technology based as mission requirements extend. Avon will be at the forefront of this change.

‘There are significant gaps in military divings capabilities that we can fill. This, added to emerging technologies as yet unavailable to military divers, will ensure that Avon is at the forefront of future requirement fulfilment’

Avon has had significant success with its superior product ranges and the company is currently the primary respiratory protection provider to the US Department of Defense. The company has recently announced a number of key orders including the development of the US Fixed Wing aircrew mask and most recently a 52,000 respirator order in the Middle East.

The addition of underwater respiratory protection is a natural step for Avon following its success for land and air forces.

Press Release, September 12, 2013