TEL Hires Keynvor Morlift for Tidal Project in UK

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Keynvor Morlift Ltd has become a contractor of choice for Tidal Energy Limited’s project in UK.

TEL Hires Keynvor Morlift for UK Project

Keynvor Morlift’s task is to plan, manage and coordinate the deployment, installation and subsequent recovery and decommissioning of the DeltaStream tidal device at the site situated 1.2 km from the mainland in Ramsey Sound.

The contract requires the DeltaStream unit to be manoeuvered from a chosen onshore location, transported by vessel to the chosen deployment site and deployed onto the seabed in a safe, timely and precise manner.

The DeltaStream unit consists of a structural steel triangular frame 36m wide which supports a 15m diameter rotor together with a turbine generator on each of the 3 corners.

The self-weight of the structure in air will be greater than 300 tonnes.

The contractor will be responsible for the laying of the subsea cables from the device to the shore (approx. 1.2 km in length) and their connections to the device. Upon completion of the 12 month test programme of the device, the Keynvor Morlift will be responsible for the recovery of the device and its return to a shore side location.

The project has a value of £3,000,000 and it has been awarded through tender procedure on February 25, 2014.

Subsea World News Staff, February 28, 2014; Image: TEL

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