Tempers Flare at DP Fremantle Terminal

Tempers Flare at DP Fremantle TerminalMaritime Union of Australia reports that DP World has shown absolute disdain for its own workforce, customers and the enterprise bargaining process by threatening to lock-out its Western Australian employees indefinitely from Thursday, July 31.


Workers at the DP World Fremantle Terminal have expressed their shock that a company would run roughshod over the bargaining process and play stand-over tactics in the form of a threatening company email.

WA Deputy Branch Secretary Adrian Evans said DP World’s response to a four-hour stoppage by ceasing operations indefinitely was an extraordinary overreaction.

“I am sure no one will be quick to forget DP World’s excessive response,” Evans said.

“We notified the company that we would take limited action to minimise impact on DP World’s clients but they have responded irresponsibly by threatening to cause disruption and chaos.

“The relationship the company has with its workers is already at an all time low and this latest move will do more damage than good.”

Maritime Union of Australia Assistant National Secretary Warren Smith said this contemptuous move has proved that the company and its executives never took the negotiating process seriously.

“We have been bargaining with the company for more than six months in good faith, it would have been nice to see some reciprocity” Smith said.

“DP World has consistently refused to budge on a number of conditions such as improving safety policy and declining to make changes to their harsh human resources practices, which are some of the worst I have ever encountered.

“Safety is paramount and the fact that wharfies are more than 14 times more likely to die on-the-job than the average Australian worker doesn’t seem to bother company managers.”

Press Release; July 30, 2014